How to avoid a broken leg

How do you know if you have broken a leg?

It depends on which one you have.

If you have a leg that has a broken bone, the bone is probably broken, according to the University of Queensland.

If the bone has a fracture or is bent, it could be the result of a fall, say orthopaedic surgeons.

If it’s not broken, there are other signs you may be at risk.

If the fracture is a large one, the bones can take a beating.

If there’s a deep fracture in the femur, the femoral artery is damaged.

If this artery is blocked, the blood can’t flow properly and your leg will not heal.

If your femoral fracture is large, it’s likely the bone itself is broken.

This is also a risk factor for a fracture in your pelvis, the largest of the vertebrae.

It can be treated with a bone graft, but this can be painful and slow the healing process.

In a fractured femur or in a broken pelvis there’s the possibility of bleeding in the area of the fracture, which can cause bruising, sores and swelling.

If this happens, your doctor will need to make sure you have enough blood flowing through the area to prevent further bleeding, which is what they’re doing.

If blood is still flowing, there’s also the risk of further bruising.

In rare cases, this bleeding can cause further damage to the bone.

This can cause the bone to fracture.

This damage can be fatal.

In the worst case scenario, your body can be able to repair the fracture and restore movement, but it can also leave you with permanent nerve damage and problems with joint mobility.

There’s also a chance you could be left with a deep cut in your leg, which could be painful, disfigureable and require a medical treatment.

If all else fails, the doctors may have to amputate your leg.

What to doIf you’ve broken a bone and your injury doesn’t heal on its own, your first thing to do is to get help.

The most common way to get treatment for a broken femur is surgery.

In surgery, the surgeons make an incision around the femure and pull out the bone grafts.

Once the grafts have been removed, they put a metal plate into the incision, which will allow the bone back to heal.

In some cases, surgeons will have to insert a metal rod into the femural bone and the rod is then attached to a metal pin.

If a fracture is present, a metal band will then be placed around the wound.

If nothing is happening in the healing area, the doctor will put a plate into your femur bone to keep it stable and help it heal.

You’ll need to wait around two to three weeks for the surgery to take place.

This could take up to two weeks depending on your medical history and your age.

If your surgery is not done within this time frame, you may need to have a second surgery, which may be more complicated.

This will involve using a prosthetic leg.

If a prosthesis is required, it may require a prostheses maker to get the right fit.

You will be given a cast to wear to help with the recovery and you may have a prosthetics trainer to help you learn how to use it.

If no surgery is needed, the surgeon will use a cast that’s attached to the socket of your femurs femur.

This may be removed and replaced with a cast for the bone you need to repair.

This cast will be fitted and the bone will be attached to an electric assist that will assist the healing.

The surgeon will then put an artificial ligament (AEL) in the leg to support the leg and keep the leg stable.

The AEL will hold the leg up as the artificial ligaments are tightened and the AEL is placed around your leg to keep the wound from swelling.

The doctors will then remove the artificial AEL and the prosthetic AEL.

The doctor will then take a photo of the wound to show to your surgeon.

The prosthetic legs are not perfect, and the surgeon can also make minor adjustments to them.

The best way to repair a broken limb is to have surgery.

If surgery isn’t needed, your surgeon will need a cast, a bone or a metal bar that will hold up the artificial leg.

They will then place the cast on the broken limb.

If none of these options work, your surgery could take two to four weeks to complete.

If surgery is necessary, it can be done within a few days and the doctor may recommend you go back for a second or third surgery.

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