How to create a plant with ‘automated reproduction’

It’s no secret that humans have a huge amount of capacity to reproduce.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of Chicago have found a way to turn this into a plant-based alternative.

They say they’ve developed an artificial reproductive system that can make plants grow into a super-large, plant-like form.

“When you have an animal that is in a vegetative state, the amount of energy that is released into the environment is limited and it can be hard to manage,” said study author John R. Dallesandro, an associate professor in the department of plant science at the university.

“So this is a system that allows you to have a plant that can reproduce itself in a much larger form than an animal.”

The study is published in the journal Nature.

The team started with a single plant and then modified it to grow into several plants.

Each of the plants needed to be grown in an environment with a certain amount of sunlight and humidity.

The researchers then used a process called autofunctionalism to turn the plants into super-growers.

The plants were then able to grow up to 10 times bigger than a typical plant.

The scientists also used the autofusion process to make plants that were able to withstand cold temperatures.

“The plants that we have now are super-heated, but the ones that were grown in the previous model, they were super-cooled,” Dallersandro said.

“So this system we’ve created is very sensitive to what’s happening in the environment, and what we see is that it can withstand the cold temperatures, the sun, and the humidity,” he added.

Dallersoro and his colleagues say that by changing the environment the plants can get a lot of extra nutrients.

“We are trying to create what we call a plant without cells,” Dalsandro said, referring to a new system of plants that are not cells at all.

“It’s a whole plant that’s growing without any cells, which allows the plant to take in nutrients from the environment without needing any cells.”

The researchers are currently working on developing a similar system for human-grown plants.

“We think it will have very wide application, because it could be used in many different ways,” he said.

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