Why is the U.S. food supply so much of a dumpster?

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that about two-thirds of the global food supply is wasted, with about one-third of that wasted as waste.

The United States wastes about one trillion tons of food each year.

It’s a fraction of the waste that’s going into the global economy and the U,S.

has about 1.5 trillion tons in waste.

In 2013, about 6.6 billion tons of waste were collected.

But, the FAO estimates that by 2030, the U of S could lose up to 40% of its food supply as a result of climate change and environmental degradation.

The problem is that many Americans are not aware of the issue, which is often not acknowledged in the media.

It also has led to an increase in the amount of wasted food and the amount that people don’t consume.

One solution is to get more people to eat less, according to Mark Blyth, professor of marketing at the University of Iowa.

The United States has the largest food waste in the world.

We are the country where people are more willing to eat fewer calories, he said.

We need to reduce food waste.

But the question is how do we do that?

Blyth says it’s not enough just to reduce the amount people are eating, but also reduce the number of calories they are eating.

Blybeth is also a director of the National Center for the Study of Food Waste, which promotes food waste reduction.

He says one way to do that is to increase the number that are actually consumed.

For example, he recommends reducing the amount Americans eat by half, and decreasing the amount they consume by half.

If you do that, you would reduce the waste by 40%.

The goal should be to reduce total food waste by about 20%.

So, how can we increase the consumption of more food?

Bilyth suggests that the United States should make it more difficult to consume unhealthy foods like sugary drinks, junk food, processed foods, and fast food.

He suggests that if you want to lose weight, you should eat fewer processed food products and replace those with more healthy foods.

Blybth said the United Kingdom is the country with the highest amount of food waste, with around 7 billion tons.

The U,K.

has some of the lowest food waste per capita in the developed world, and is a big exporter of food products.

It has about 5 billion tons in food waste and imports about 2 billion tons from other countries.

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