‘I didn’t want my kids to have to grow up to be pickles’: Woman, 55, who has grown more than 2,000 plants for her family says she didn’t care about the future of food

The woman whose plants have made her family more than two million dollars says she has been blessed by the bountiful bounty of the bounty of bounty.

Melissa and Jimenez Hernandez grew their first plants last year in their new home, a home with six beds and two bathrooms, for $3,000.

That’s less than the median household income for Texas at the time, but that is enough to buy an avocado and a bottle of wine, Melissa Hernandez said.

It’s been a good year, she said.

She’s had a lot of luck, and that’s the best part of it, she added.

The couple has also been given a new lease on life and their house has gone from a “tough, dusty” neighborhood to a place where you can walk around and enjoy the sights.

They’re excited about the change.

“It’s definitely a whole new world for us.

It’s definitely more livable,” Hernandez said about the new lifestyle.”

I love it.

It just gives me hope.

I think it’s a great thing.”

A Texas family growing their own food source NBC TV station (nbc4texas)

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