Beef soup made from veggie burgers in India makes it into Indian menu

India’s Beef Soup made from vegetarian burgers has been a hit with customers in India, prompting the country’s government to launch an investigation into whether it has been tainted.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has started an investigation and said it would examine the ingredients of the beef soup in a bid to establish whether it is safe to consume, Reuters reported.

The regulator, which is part of the government, will look at whether the soup is made from a vegetarian meat product or whether the beef is used in its own recipe.

The Food Safety Board, which investigates food safety problems, has not yet given a ruling on whether the product meets the Food Safety Act (FSAA) standards.

The FDA has a ban on the sale of vegetarian meat, but the regulator said the soup was sold in India and not in the United States.

“The Food safety board has also initiated an investigation under FSAA to determine whether the products that are being sold in the Indian market are in compliance with the FSAA,” the agency said in a statement.

India is one of the world’s biggest beef exporters.

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