Why is Subway just so damn good at creating its own sandwiches?

The New York Times is getting ready to publish a new issue of their restaurant section on Tuesday, which is going to feature two-minute interviews with the people behind the menu of the world’s largest fast food chain.

The first interview will be with Chef Matt DeWalt, who’s responsible for the menu design and marketing of Subway.

The second interview will feature Subway CEO Tom Regan, who will be the guest of honor at the magazine’s next special issue.

It’s the first time the two have ever collaborated.

“I’m a big fan of Matt’s and his work, and I know that he has a great vision for the future of Subway,” Regan said in a statement.

“I was happy to collaborate with him to create a new special edition of Subway that will showcase the full menu of Subway, including new and innovative concepts and menu items.”

The special edition issue, which will be released in October, will include a feature on the restaurant’s new vegetarian menu, along with a look at some of the things the company is up to in the future.

The issue will be available on Tuesday and will feature a featured article by former Subway executive Katie Schulman, who also runs a vegan-focused blog called Meatless Monday.

In addition to the interview, Subway is also working on a vegan burger with a new cheese, and a vegan version of its signature cheeseburger, with a vegan cheese.

Regan also spoke about how Subway’s menu has evolved since the original Subway opened in New York in 2007.

“Subway has changed the way we eat,” he said.

“Our sandwiches, salads and wraps have changed.

We have more salads, salads are now grilled and then served in a crispy, crispy bun.

I think there’s a lot of innovation going on at Subway and our food team has been working with them to make the sandwiches, the salads, the wraps more appealing to consumers.”

Regan’s involvement in the special edition comes just two months after the restaurant released a video for the new vegan menu, which featured a few new dishes.

The video was released at the time of the McDonald’s Happy Meals and featured a number of new vegan items, including a new vegan burger called the “Veggie Bacon,” which features a “bacon sauce” and a “dairy-free cheese sauce.”

The video also featured a vegan sandwich that was also available in the Happy Meal.

The sandwich featured a “tenderloin,” with “hairy buns,” a “crispy potato” and “chunky potato chips.”

The Happy Meal, which was featured in a 2013 segment of the popular “Food Network” series “Good Food,” features a vegan menu that includes a number new vegetarian items.

Subway has made similar changes to its menu since then, including adding veggie options to a few of its sandwiches and a number dishes that were previously limited to a vegan option.

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