What’s in a name? We asked Jerusalem’s top chefs for their take on the city’s most popular street food

A street food lover who has long enjoyed the city has created a new kind of street food: a high-quality, raised vegetable garden that features celery, carrot, broccoli and other vegetables grown in the city.

The project, known as a “Knorr Garden,” will be opened on July 15, 2019.

It will include an array of vegetable gardens with the highest quality vegetables in the region, and will also include a “soup bar” that will feature a variety of local dishes including a variety and fresh-pressed fruit soup.

“I like to eat at a garden,” said Amir Ben-Yosef, the executive chef of the Ben-Horim restaurant in the old City Hall neighborhood of Jerusalem, which serves lunch and dinner to residents.

“You get to see the city and the city is beautiful, and I think this is a way of saying thank you.”

Ben-Youssef is also the founder and head chef of Knorr Vegetables, a popular food truck serving up street-style cuisine.

The company has been serving up the new street food to locals since 2014.

The concept of a “knor rai” (or vegetable garden) dates back to ancient times and has been used as a symbol of Jerusalem and as a means of greeting locals and visitors alike.

“The knor rau, or garden, is a symbol for the city, and is a very special thing,” Ben-Zvi told The Jerusalem Report.

“This is an amazing and very unique concept.”

Benjamin Ben-Shabati, a resident of a new neighborhood in Jerusalem’s Old City, said he loves the street food and has tried several variations of the garden over the years.

He said he would also like to see more food trucks serving up Knorrs, such as the one in the Ben Horim neighborhood.

“My favorite thing about Knorrus is the food.

I love vegetables, and they are very good,” he said.

“I would like to make this a street food park in the neighborhood.

If they can bring out some other food trucks, that would be good.

The Knorrui [knorris] are really popular.

They are very cheap and they’re good for a quick meal.”

Ben Shabati said he wants the Knorrii to serve up knorr (a traditional, boiled vegetable dish), knorry (crispy chicken with tomatoes and onions) and knorri (a thick soup with vegetables and chicken).

“It is a great concept.

It would be nice if it had a kitchen that is more like a restaurant, where people can come in and eat at the garden and have a good meal,” he added.

“The garden is a big part of the neighborhood, and it would be great if the garden has a kitchen and food trucks there.”

Ben Ben-Mizrachi, the owner of a restaurant in Jerusalem, said the idea of a garden inspired by the city comes from his parents.

“We were raised in Jerusalem and my parents were a farmer and we loved the city so much, that we were always coming here to shop, and so we built this garden in the middle of Jerusalem,” he told The Report.

Ben Ben Ben-Haimi, the director of the Jerusalem Department of Cultural Affairs, told The Jordan Times that the garden concept was first floated in Jerusalem in the 1980s and 1990s.

The garden was not immediately a hit with the locals, he said, adding that he has seen it become popular in recent years.

Ben-Him said he plans to open the garden to the public at some point in the future, but that it would not be a traditional garden.

The knorruis will also be open to the general public, and a menu will be provided for the public.

“This will be a new garden for the neighborhood,” he promised.

“We are not a traditional street food place, but this is the new kind.

The street food is very much a local thing, but we are not looking to recreate the old street food.”

Ben Haimi said that the idea behind the garden is to show the people of Jerusalem that they are not alone in Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is a beautiful city, but there are also people from all over the world,” he explained.

“So the knorrus and the korrii are just a reminder that Jerusalem is here, and you can visit it.”

Ben Hatem, who is the owner and operator of the popular restaurant in Old City’s Tivoli neighborhood, said that he is planning to open a knorris and korry at the same time in his restaurant, which is located in the same neighborhood.

He also said that they will serve the korrries with garlic bread,

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