How to cook a healthy, starchy vegetable soup with starchy veggies

A simple, healthy vegetable soup is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your body going without making you feel bloated.

You can use starchy greens, stalks of broccoli or carrots, or even the starchy seeds from your fruit or vegetables.

There’s no need to waste your time with a recipe for a vegetable soup that is laden with all the usual ingredients.

We’ve rounded up seven delicious, healthy starchy soup recipes for you to make.


Garlic soup recipe: Garlic Soup Recipe You can make this garlic soup for just two simple ingredients: garlic and a little bit of lemon juice.

This garlic soup recipe is a great way to make a delicious healthy garlic soup that can be used for the week, or you can just make it every other week.

You will want to stir the garlic into the soup and add the lemon juice before adding the broth.


Pumpkin soup recipe, vegetarian: Pumpkin Soup Recipe It’s no secret that pumpkin soup can be made from scratch, but how can you avoid all the other ingredients?

You can add pumpkin puree to make it a vegan pumpkin soup.

This pumpkin soup is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to cook.


Chickpea soup recipe with chickpeas: Chickpeas & Lentils Soup This chickpea & lentil soup recipe combines a traditional chickpean dish with chick peas and a whole bunch of veggies to make an easy vegetarian version of chickpeasant.

The lentils are tossed with chick peas and then the chickpeans are boiled.


Sweet potato & carrot soup recipe for vegans: Sweet Potato & Carrots Soup This sweet potato & carrots soup is great for vegans or those who prefer a more low-fat and high-protein soup.


Cauliflower soup recipe from Taste of Home: Vegan Sweet Potato Soup This vegan sweet potato soup is a vegetarian version that is very easy to make and tastes just like a sweet potato.


Cashew soup recipe by St. Jude: Vegan Cashew Soup Vegan cashew soup is something you can make with a little practice.

This vegan cashew soups is a simple vegan version that will satisfy any craving you have.


Baked tofu & potato soup recipe.

Vegan version: Vegan Baked Tofu & Potato Soup Vegan baked tofu & potatoes is a very versatile recipe.

This recipe is perfect to make for lunch, brunch or dinner.


Sweet Potato soup recipe and chickpeanut butter recipe from Vegan-Fusion: Vegan Chickpeanut Butter & Tofurky Sweet Potato Soup This vegan chickpeanuts & tofu soup is easy to prepare, too.

This soup is very nutritious and has loads of fiber, protein and carbs.


Cashews & peas recipe: Cashew & Peas Soup Recipe Cashews, peas and tofu are some of the best plant-based soups for vegetarians and those who want to reduce their meat consumption.

This cashew & peas soup is just as delicious and packed with fiber as the cashew chickpeathe soup you can enjoy with your favorite vegetable dish.


Sweet potatoes & carrots recipe with pumpkin, chickpeat: Sweet Potatoes & Carrot Soup This delicious vegan sweet potatoes & carrot recipe is great to make ahead and serve to your family or friends who need a hearty meal.

This is a quick and easy vegan sweet soup to enjoy.


Sweet tomato soup recipe recipe: Vegan Tofus & Sweet Tomato Soup Vegan tomato soup is also a quick, healthy, vegan soup recipe that you can eat on its own or with a salad.


Pumpkin & carrot Soup Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin & Carve Soup Recipe The Vegan Pumpkin Soup is an easy and delicious vegetarian soup that you will love to make this fall.


Vegetarian & gluten-free pumpkin soup recipe featuring cashew: Cashews Potato & Lentil Soup The Cashew Potato & lentils soup is made with cashews and lentils and is a healthy vegan soup that will make your skin crawl.


Vegan pumpkin soup with cashew cheese: Vegan Vegan Pumpkin Stuffed & Sweet Potato Sauce The Vegan Cashews Pumpkin Stuffed & Sweet potato Sauce is the perfect vegetarian soup for those on a vegan diet or those on an effort to cut down on their meat intake.


Sweet & sour cream & pumpkin soup recipes from Taste Of Home: Sweet & Sour Cream & Pumpkin Soup This is an excellent vegan sweet & sour soup that has all the ingredients you need to make your own vegan pumpkin sauce.


Vegan potato soup with chickPeas: Vegan Potato Soup with Chickpeans This vegan potato soup has all of the ingredients to make one of your favorite vegan potato dishes.


Sweet, sour & vegan pumpkin and cashew recipe from Whole30 Foodie: Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato and Cashew Potatoes Sweet, sweet & creamy vegan pumpkin & cashew potato

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