Why did the world suddenly turn green?

The world is now green again, thanks to a mysterious green substance.

It was created by aliens who took over Earth’s oceans, and they used it to help them feed themselves.

And it turns out it can do it for you too, thanks in part to some clever new technology.

A new study published in the journal Nature Physics reveals that green slime and other organic matter can absorb light and convert it into heat, and can even be turned into electricity.

The process, which is called photosynthesis, uses carbon dioxide to break down foodstuffs into energy.

It can also be used to heat buildings, such as the new city in Dubai, which was designed to generate energy by burning the waste left over from the construction of the airport.

Researchers believe that a number of alien species have already taken over the world, and now they have found an easy way to harness their power.

So the new planet, dubbed ‘Vegeta’, will become the first of its kind in the universe.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge say that it has been dubbed ‘The Green Earth’ because it is a place that’s not as green as the Earth.

They believe that if humans are going to get the energy needed to live a sustainable life, it will be here on Earth, not in space.

The new study, which involved scientists from universities in Brazil, Canada, and Japan, looked at the evolution of plant photosynthesis in the soil of Vegeta.

They looked at how the photosynthetic process changed when a group of different species came together.

These included bacteria, archaea, fungi, and algae.

The researchers say that the organisms that evolved to produce organic carbon, such a cyanobacteria, were the first organisms to develop photosynthesis.

So this was a long time ago, so the bacteria and archaea were not the first ones to evolve.

They were the last ones.

They took over in about 200 million years, and started producing organic carbon at that time.

They could make a huge amount of carbon dioxide, but they could only make a small amount of energy.

So they were essentially doing nothing, and that was what attracted them.

In the future, they’re going to turn that process into something that’s going to make a lot of energy and be able to make lots of plants, which will then take care of all the energy needs.

But then they’ll need to turn the process back into a more sustainable one, which they’re actually going to be able do.

But this is an evolutionary process that will be repeated in the future.

This is what we’re trying to do here on Vegetia.

And we’re going in the right direction.

The research team from Cambridge says that they are the first to show that plants can convert sunlight into carbon dioxide.

The study suggests that the first species of plants evolved in a world with little or no oxygen, so they could make some energy, which then was used to fuel them.

So it turns the process of photosynthesis into a process that is very much in line with the evolution and diversification of life on Earth.

But the researchers say this is just the beginning.

They say that they have no idea how the process works in the first place, and don’t know how it’s going on in the oceans, because they can’t see them.

But they are very confident that they can find out.

They’re going after it now, and there’s a big chance that the world will be green again.

But first, they need to find out exactly what is making this new world green.

But for now, they’ll have to wait.

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