‘Vegetarian Garden Fence’: ‘We’ve Got No Choice’

In the first article published by the new “Vegetarians in the United States” website, the group, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing veganism in the U.S., explains how a fence on a private property in rural Wisconsin is part of a much larger strategy to reduce animal suffering.

The group says it was created after a group of local farmers asked for help with their fence, which was slated to be replaced by a fence constructed from a concrete wall that is also a part of the national “Vegan” program. 

The group’s website says the new fence will have a “no-trespassing” policy, and it will include “natural light and shade,” “no fences, no trespassing” signs, “no dog fencing, no fencing of any kind” and a “grassy/pothole/grass” system. 

“A fence is an important part of our national effort to support local farmers,” the website reads.

“The fence is not a deterrent to animals but a means to promote peace, and is an integral part of this program.” 

The website notes that it has created “a permanent fence” in “The Green Hills” area of western Wisconsin, where it says the fence is “made from 100% grass and no other materials.” 

“The green hills of the area are one of the best places to grow vegetables and grow our garden,” the site reads. 

According to the website, “The green hill farmers are the best in the country and the best-equipped farmers in the world.”

The fence “will be in the green hills for 10 years, and then the farmers can start the process of removing the fence to start the planting of new land.”

The group says its website “provides a clear, concise, and complete guide to the state of the ‘Vegan’ movement in the American southwest.”

“This is our opportunity to spread the word of ‘the Vegan’ movement and bring people together,” the group says.

“If you want to learn more about ‘the Vegans’ and learn how you can support the movement in your area, we invite you to visit our website.” 

Read more about the group:

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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