How to make vegetable roll sashimi in less than 10 minutes

You know what they say: “Don’t be afraid to make a mess.”

But when it comes to making sushi, the word mess is usually thrown around too liberally.

We often don’t even have a clue how to cut it.

To make things simpler, we’ve got a simple tip: Just start from scratch.

That’s how you make a sushi roll in less time than it takes you to read this article.

Let’s start with the basics.

What You’ll Need to make Sushi Roll You’ll need: 1.

A bowl (or a bowl with lid) for rolling.


A plastic sushi rolling mat.


A disposable spatula.


A small, sharp knife.


A ruler.


A paper towel to wipe down the utensils.


A couple sheets of aluminum foil.


A knife or two.


A pair of scissors.


A roll of paper towels.

You may also need: A knife for cutting the sushi in half.

A rolling pin to make sure you’re using the same size of sushi roll for each bite.

A glass of water to help soften the sushi.

You may also want to make this sushi roll more like an actual sushi roll, which is why we use the word “roll.”

How to Make Vegetable Roll Sashimi Step 1.

Start with a bowl of water.

This will help keep your sushi roll soft.

Step 2.

Cut the roll into four equal sections, one for each side of the sushi roll.

Now, start the rolling process.

Start by removing the plastic sushi mat. 

Step 3.

Cut a small piece of plastic, about 1/8 inch long.

This will serve as the base for the roll. 

It will help hold the sushi rolls together, so don’t worry about losing the shape.

Step 4.

Cut another piece of paper towel, about 2 inches wide.

This should serve as a base for each roll.

Step 5.

Using a small knife, cut a small section of the paper towel.

Step 6. 

Put a little bit of water in the center of this section of paper, about an inch or two above the paper.

Step 7.

Wrap the paper around the piece of water and push it down into the water. 

This should create a small bubble of water on top of the piece. 

Then you can roll the piece in your hand and roll it into a sushi piece.

Step 8.

You’re done!

You’re ready to eat the sushi!

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