Creamy vegetable soup in a creamy sauce for a vegetarian holiday

Vegetarian holiday meals should be as versatile as you are.

We’re bringing you creamy vegetable soups and sauces from around the world, with an emphasis on seasonal and local flavours.

We know it’s hard to keep track of everything, so we’ve picked out our favourite veggie dishes for you.

Here’s what to try on your vegan holiday this summer.

Vegan soup: Vegan soup has a reputation for being very healthy, with the occasional grain-free option.

This soup has more of a creamy, almost soupy flavour than regular soup.

It’s perfect for a weeknight, and you can make it in a hurry with a few ingredients.

Try: Vegan curry – A vegan curry is a bowl of lentils, tomatoes, onions, curry leaves, ginger and salt, topped with curry sauce and a drizzle of coconut milk.

Vegan sautee – A classic sauteed vegetable, sauteing a few vegetables in a pan until they’re tender.

Vegan lasagna – This creamy and satisfying dish is simple to make, and the perfect winter meal for those on a budget.

Vegan stew – A traditional stew made with vegetables and rice.

This one is a hearty dish and a good one to stock up on for when the weather is cold.

Vegan vegetable soup recipe – Ingredients: 1 cup coconut milk (about 1.2 liters)

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