Are beans vegetables?

An Israeli researcher is investigating the possibility that a kind of bean soup could be a vegetable slicer.

A study published on Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE found that the protein in beans makes them “vegetative slicers,” which can be used to cook vegetables.

The protein also makes them a better way to break down proteins in soybeans.

“We know that beans have an excellent ability to break the macromolecules of foods,” said researcher Shmuel Mavra, an expert in food science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“So the protein has a special role to play in breaking down the proteins and other molecules of soy.”

According to the study, the bean’s protein makes it a good substitute for tofu.

The protein also provides the beans a more complex texture, which is more attractive to a consumer, Mavras team found.

“A lot of consumers have a preference for texture, especially for vegetables,” said Mavres research team leader Dr. Moti Yogev.

“They think that bean soup is a great way to have that texture.”

“A good quality bean soup will contain a high percentage of protein,” said Yogevin.

“It’s not just a bean soup.

Beans are a great source of protein.

You don’t have to make it with soybeans.”

Yogev also said the bean protein could make a useful substitute for cheese, and for meat, like bacon, beef, lamb and pork.

“They’re the perfect foods for people who are vegan or vegetarian,” he said.

“But they’re also great for people with allergies.”

The researchers used the protein found in beans to create a “tweak” that is a blend of proteins, with soy protein replacing the animal fat.

The bean protein, which Mavrans team called “titak,” is a very good source of nitrogen, which makes up about a third of the protein.

It is also a good source for a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, the researchers said.

The study also found that adding soy protein to a variety of foods has benefits for people’s digestion and absorption of protein-rich foods.

The researchers did not determine the optimal amount of soy protein for the beans, but they did say that the amount of protein found is likely to be less than 1.0 grams.

Mavra said he is confident that soy protein is a good food source of the bean, and that people can adjust the amount to their needs.

“I’m a scientist, so I’m not a chef,” he added.

“In my opinion, the quality of a bean is determined by its quality of the food.

So I’m a little skeptical of the soy protein in soy soup.

I don’t think that soy soup will be good for people.”

Yozevev said the research will be interesting to look at the other types of bean proteins in future research, and said more research is needed on the subject.

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